Monday, June 01, 2009

I love my............magic bullet

When Ethan was just a baby I decided to try to lose some weight with a system called medifast. It was a crazy idea( which did work by the way but some of the foods were AWFUL) becuase it was a 100% liquid diet. To support me in this venture, I splurged at the time on something called the Magic Bullet.

If you have ever watched an infomercial late at night or perhaps on a Saturday afternoon- chances are that you have seen the infomercial for the magic bullet.
But I have to tell you, its been almost four years that we have had it now and it really is MAGIC! I have made all kinds of wonderful things with it! Sauces, salsa, smoothies, and use it to dice and puree often.
Today I combined my beloved Magic Bullet with another newer favorite product of mine which is the Arbonne Figure 8 Vanilla Protein Powder for shakes.

My recipe is simple:

9 ounces of water

2 scoops of Vanilla Protein Powder

1 frozen banana

1 tablespoon of peanut butter

I dump all this into one of the handy Miracle Blade "Mugs" and pulse it on the bullet 5 times and then I sit down and enjoy its awesome goodness!

Now that is a GREAT way to start the day!

And now I am off to prepare for my 7 year Anniversary Day Date with Cliff.

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Tami said...

I also love my..............magic bullet!! We don't have peanut butter in our house, thanks to Raife's allergy, so now sure if I'll try your recipe. Maybe I'll try it with "soy-butter".
How was your anniversary date?