Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blogging From The Road

I am testing out Blogger from the road. Currently the family and I are on our way to Lawton for a birthday party that starts in approximately 10 minutes. We left about 30 minutes behind schedule at 730am. Approximately 3 pitstops( edit, make that 4 and a comment from my hubby as we leave the rest stop as the car gains momentum" Ha, now its like we are leaving the pit stop and headed back into the race!"), two tolls, and a crying baby will set us back to an arrival time of 1030 am. So three hours on the road is not too shabby! I am of course enjoying my new shades in this bright Oklahoma sun, Ethan is listening to his MP3 player, Olivia is on her second bottle, and Cliff's ipod is in tow and playing to make up for my faulty one(if u missed my rant on facebook yesterday- me and my ipod may be breaking up and are currently discussing a trial seperation)
I took so photos of the kids in the car but am not sure I can post them from the Blogger mobile site on my Blackberry.
Stay Tuned!

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