Wednesday, March 28, 2007


We found out on Monday that we are having a little girl. Cliff wants to name her Faith and i think the name will be very suiting.Faith's ultrasounds went great. She is growing on target and all of the scans seems to look very normal. She does have an omphalocele( learn more at , or ) which contains some, most, or all of her liver. At this time they did not see any other things like bowel or stomach. She will have surgery after birth but not right away. It will take time to fit her liver back in so they will most likely put a special sac on it and move it back in little by little as the stomach cavity expands. ( kind of like squeezing a tube of toothpaste) She will be delivered via c-section at OU Childrens Hospital( hooray for great hosptals!) and will have her surgery on site.We did have an amnio done which will have results back in 2 weeks. We will go back every two weeks to let them monitor Faith and the next time we go they will do an echo cardiogram to check her heart.Thank you all for your encouragement, kind words, prayers and support!
We will keep you posted!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Please Pray for Us!

Hello All.
I wanted to update you all on what is going on with us. I have been debating over how to write this blog for several days now and dont really know how to start or what to say so I am just going to share the news with you all and ask that you keep us in your prayers.We had the ultrasound for the new baby about 10 days ago( Monday the 12th). The Dr. called me on Wednesday the 14th to let me know that the radiologist picked up some abnormalities on the ultrasound images. It would appear that the baby has something called an omphalocele and he had already set up an appt with a specialist at OU Childrens Hospital for Monday the 26th.Cliff and I were shocked and scared when we heard the news. An omphalocele is basically a condition where the babies intestines,stomach etc did not move back into the body during the development and is growing outside the abdomen. ( you can see about this at - in the UK its called an exomphalos.) This has not been confirmed for us- nor do we know if there are any other abnormalities with the baby, and how severe. We are anxiously awaiting the appt on the 26th where we will get a 4d ultrasound and possibly an amnio.We are leaning very heavily on the Lord at this time and trusting Him to take us day to day.
When I know more for sure I will post to you all to let you know the progress.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Do I Trust You Lord?

Thanks to Stephanie for writing these verses out for me over 10 years ago. In the last few days they have been a constant on my mind. Thank You Stephanie.
Twila Paris - Do I Trust You LordSometimes my little heart can't understandWhat's in Your will, what's in Your plan.So many times I'm tempted to ask You why,But I can never forget it for long.Lord, what You do could not be wrong.So I believe You, even when I must cry.Do I trust You, Lord?Does the river flow?Do I trust You, Lord?Does the north wind blow?You can see my heart,You can read my mind,And You got to knowThat I would rather dieThan to lose my faithIn the One I love.Do I trust You, Lord?Do I trust You?I know the answers, I've given them all.But suddenly now, I feel so small.Shaken down to the cavity in my soul.I know the doctrine and theology,But right now they don't mean much to me.This time there's only one thing I've got to know.Do I trust You, Lord?Does the robin sing?Do I trust You, Lord?Does it rain in spring?You can see my heart,You can read my mind,And You got to knowThat I would rather dieThan to lose my faithIn the One I love.Do I trust You, Lord?Do I trust You?I will trust You, Lord, when I don't know why.I will trust You, Lord, till the day I die.I will trust You, Lord, when I'm blind with pain!You were God before, and You'll never change.I will trust You.I will trust You.I will trust You, Lord.I will trust You.