Saturday, February 17, 2007

i am back! ( sort of)

So its so true. I have been a bit lax at the myspace thing. It honestly has been a battle for me to keep up with. Apologies to all my dear friends out there that I keep up with through Myspace. Please forgive me for not sending you nice personal messages and comments to your sites.I have been so busy with work and Cliff and Ethan, and well just resting lots in preparation for all those nights coming up that I wont be sleeping :) SighI am just trying to work hard and come home and enjoy my boys and make it through this pregnancy!I am actually feeling much better this time. Less tired( although OH SO TIRED!), very few headaches, very little nausea. Much better than the pounding headaches and days full of nausea with Ethan. I am less moody, less sullen, less depressed- it is really an enjoyable pregnancy this go round.Things are going well for all three of us and we are enjoying life in Stillywater.Hopefully, in the near future I will have time to catch up with each of you. Until then, lots of love from me to you!