Thursday, December 14, 2006

Unexpected Surprises

So if you havent heard the news I am sure you can guess by reading this first sentence what I am about to type next. Have you made your guess? Chances are you guessed right. I am pregnant. We are expecting our second sweet baby in August 2007. ( Summer time AGAIN!?!?!)Well I guess when you dont plan things out they kinda happen like that :)
Cliff and I are very excited. Ethan will be almost three( one month shy) by the time the new little one comes along. I am very excited to watch him become a big brother. I just wanted to share the news so everyone can share in our joy!
We are blessed!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So Ya'll..................

Yep, so Ethan and I are back from L-town and happy to be back with Cliff. His surgery was a success and he is recovering well. I just got back from Chicago this weekend and i have to say........ BRRRRRRRR. Cliff just celebrated the big 27! He got lots of great Sooner stuff( yeah I know, our home is one big oxymoron, right?) So all and all, it has been a busy week for us. Mic Chicago, Cliff birthday, Ethan Surgery.Also, this weekend is Homecoming weekend. Swing by the US CELLULAR store on Saturday for the parade if you are in town and see me. We have loads of giveaways( and when I say loads, I really mean a giant trailer LOAD) or come find me at the autograph tent at the game!
Miss ya! and Go Pokes!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Here We Are

So we are here! We moved into the new homestead this weekend and had Ethans #2 birthday party! IT was a blast. Ethan started his new daycare this week( He is going to Aunt Serenes house!) and Cliff also started his new job!
God is blessing us! He opened up the door for us with opportunities. I really prayed that God would lead us down a path that would bring us opportunity to grow closer to Him and as a family unite even more. How swiftly God opened this door for us! Cliff and I made a commitment that once we moved we would find a place to serve and worship Him. Now is the time to truly turn over all that we have to Him and sometimes its not easy to let go..Help hold us accountable to our commitment! Thanks for all your prayers and support. Call us or come visit anytime you are near!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Did Ya Miss Me?

Dear Friends and Family,
So sorry to have taken so long to post a new update! We made it! We have officially survived our first month away from our childhood home! And so much is going on!Yes, I have been working LOTS! It has been hard to juggle all the work and moving, realtors, bankers, etc and still make time for Cliff and Ethan( but I am doing it!) I am not getting very much time with them at all on working days but have committed to spending as much time as possible on my days off with them and not my laptop. .The two stores that I work at are AWESOME and the teams there are so great to work with. They all seem so focused on doing whatever they can to make our stores the best! BIG HEARTS! Cliff found a job and should be starting in the next week or so @ Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma. We also sold our house( within 2 weeks!) and we are closing on our new home in Stillwater next week! So our new addy will be:
2421 S WesternStillwater, OK 74074
We are excited and so ready to be in our OWN home and settled into our jobs! We miss everyone very much and hope you will right or COME VISIT! We have lots of room!

Friday, June 30, 2006

"All My Bags Are Packed and Im Ready to Go"

So, If you havent heard the news yet.......... we are moving.We found out about a week ago- I have accepted a position with the company to move to northern OK and manage the stillwater and Enid stores.Our last day in Lawton will be Friday.We are very excited and very nervous- but know that God will direct us where each step of the way.Cliff put in his two week notice and will look for a new job up that way. We havent decided if we will settle in Stillwater, Enid, Guthrie, or Jennings- that will all depend on Cliffs new job :) We just listed our house on the market so as soon as it sells we will be looking for a new one and in an aparment in the meantime.
Stay in touch!
We will see you around!

Friday, April 28, 2006

My Boy

The rainy days are no longer rainyThe sunny days shine so bright I can hardly see.The cold does not seem so chilling.Even the pain seems to find more healing..
and all becuase of you - Ethan Brock
For those of you that know me- you know I can be moody, easily depressed, stressed..... I swear that my heart is just too big for my body. I feel too much too fast too deep.Earlier this week I was so overwelmed. I just could not hold it in any longer. It was so long overdue. I was home from a LONG day at work and Ethan was eating dinner in his chair. I was sitting at the little wooden dining table and I put my hands over my face so that he couldnt see me cry. The tears were giant crocodile tears and I could not hold back the wracking sobs. IN the midst of this total meltdown I peak around my hands to see if Ethan has noticed becuase I dont want him to become scared becuase he has never seen me really cry. My most precious baby is laughing and hiding his face behind his hands. He peeked around and laughed some more. He thought I was playing peekaboo and he thought my sob was a laugh and when he heard it he laughed louder.Ethan, even in the midst of my hardest days you bring me comfort.God, thank you for this precious gift in my son, who is a comforter and healer to everyone he touches. He brings so much joy to the world around him. May you always be his rock and guiding force. May he always trust in you.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Baby Love

So I just went to check on my sweet sleeping babe- he is of course sprawled out with his legs poking out the slats- i moved them and he did wake up but he didnt get scared-mostly just seemed mad that i woke him.He usually curls up with his stuffed frog and his spidey blanket( okay so right now the blanket he is most attached to is leapard print- YES I SAID LEAPARD print)I just am so in love with that boy and I love being a mommy more and more everyday. And I am more in love with Cliff than ever for giving him to me and for just being an awesome dad. I am sooo blessed.Ethan is very much into dirt and Finding Nemo, he loves to play ball, and he loves to play pretend( right now the pretend thing is to make the little stuffed animals or bath animals make noises and jump around) He also loves to play follow the leader . Being a mommy has changed my life for the better in SO many ways!!!!!!!Thank you Lord for this beautiful family!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ninja Turtle Lover

Can't believe its already been 8 years.
Cowabunga Dude!
I will always remember.