Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Today is March 13th 2012, and that means today is Trisomy 13 awareness day. Five years ago, on March 12 2007, we had an ultrasound for our 1st little girl and second child. Just 2 days later, on March 14th, our Dr called to tell us that something was wrong. What followed was a journey of perseverence, heartache, hope, grief, and faith. Fast forward 4 months to July 2007, the month we welcomed our ...sweet little girl into the world and held her in our arms. She survived 9 days. Chances are, you will know at least one person in your lifetime that has a trisomy or has a child with a trisomy. It is rare, but not so rare that we each will not go through life without encountering it. Trisomy is not a plague, a sickness, or a death sentence. It is simply a way that the chromosomes that make up our body develop. In honor of Trisomy 13 and our very sweet daughter Faith, I have put together the following video. Please take time to watch it and feel free to pass it on http://youtu.be/PEIUn02MHrc