Sunday, May 24, 2009


This weekend, one of my very dearest friends moved away from Stillwater. I have had really mixed feelings about this which I don't think I have done a good job of expressing. I am really sad she is moving. Happy for her to have a change in her life, but sad that it will be that much harder to get together with her. Truthfully, it was already hard enough.
Today, my other closest friend in stillwater, Amy, announced to me that she is moving back home to Marlow. Her dream home came on the market, the older, Victorian Style 3 story one on Main street, and her husband already got a transfer approved at work. I am happy for her. I am! But am sooo sad to finally make a good friend and then see her move. Cliff and I have been in Stillwater now for almost three years and in that time I have found some friends but only a few close friends. I am sensing that this period of my life, this summer, is going to be all about refinement. There is a letting go of the old and in time there will be new transitions. I went through a similar period just two years ago and it was not easy... but the spiritual fruit of that period has been bountiful. I recognize that there is an ebb and flow in life.
Two dear friends of mine are also going through a refinement period I think. One lives thousands of miles away and has had many difficult life changes in the last six months... the other lives just south down the road and is starting a new career this week. I think its interesting and a bit comforting that God is taking them through a refining period at the same time. I hope that the result of this is a strengthening of our relationships.... and spiritual encouragement.
Its strange that i am not the one moving, and yet it feels as though God is packing up some of the things of my heart and shoving them into a U-Haul for a long journey.....
I only have one request and that is a pit stop at Sonic for a drink for the road!

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