Friday, June 15, 2007

DR Visit June 15 2007

So we are home from another round at the specialist. Faith gets to stay in another week and we go back on the 21st for the next ultrasound. It was a good visit overall. Good News *** 1.My blood sugar has for the most part been in normal range - and considering this is my first week to watch my diet- this is GREAT. Of course I am one of the few pregnant women out there to lose 3 pounds in a week.( not so good I guess but as long as the baby grows, its okay? I think I have only gained 10 or so pounds so far- but dont worry, I had lotsa extra to begin with #wink) 2. Faith's Biophysical profile was good. She scored an 8 and her cord blood flow has improved since last week. She is still very tiny, but has at least earned herself another week of staying tight in the womb... and we hope many weeks more. This all goes to show that the bedrest has really helped her well being as she is more active and her bloodflow better. This makes me feel a little bit better about being stuck at home and I am determined to get her lots of rest and growth!We will celebrate this weekend with a worry free Father's Day for Cliff. Cliff's parents are coming up to help him set up the Nursery and see Ethan. I will of course spend the weekend in bed or on the couch consuming too many hours of pointless tv programs and wishing that I didnt read through a book in a day. That is an expensive habit :) More to come next week! Stay tuned!

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