Friday, June 22, 2007

Dr Appt 6/21/2007

We went to visit the Specialist again yesterday.Faith has grown about 6 oz. in two weeks. She is still slow growing, still at the 4 percentile. But her bio score was 8 of 8 which is as good as a baby can score.Along with the gestational diabetes, it is now suspected that I may have preeclampsia. ( you may remember that I developed this with Ethan and this was why he was born almost 2 weeks before his due date) My blood pressure is higher than it should be so I get to take the 24 hour jug test( this is where you collect urine for 24 hours YAY!) and blood tests on Monday to make sure everything is okay with my body. As long as my blood pressure stays under control and my blood sugar- then Faith will be delivered at 34 weeks. ( that is the very first week in July) currently I am 32 weeks and 2 days. We have another appt on Friday June 29th. If Faith's scores are not good or my blood sugar and blood pressure readings are not good, we will go ahead and deliver next week( week of June 25th). We know she will be here very soon and it is just a waiting and resting period for us. I am of course, still at home, trying to control my blood pressure and blood sugars.We were hoping she would not come so soon, but have known since early April that it was likely that she could come early due to growth restriction so this is not a surprise for us. We are ready to meet Faith and hopeful for her progress and recovery. We trust the Lord and His might works- and we rest in His strength.

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