Friday, June 08, 2007

Change with Faith* update 6/8/2007*

Hi all,

Today was another appt with the specialist. We got the news that I DO have gestational diabetes. I get to check my blood glucose level 4 times a day and for now will get to control by diet. If I am successful at controling my glucose by diet I wont have to take pills or insulin shots. Thankfully, it was high but a lower high score. It should be 120 and it was 159. Faith is still kicking strong and has a good heart rate. However, she is still growing SO SLOWLY. She is now down to the 5 percentile. The Dr. talked with us about what happens next. If her growth continues to slow or stops she must come out to survive. He put me out on bedrest and it is our hope that we can carry her to 34 weeks at which time they may do the C-section. ( I am hoping for longer!) I am now at 30 and 1/2 weeks so this is close! I had to get a steroid injection to get her lungs developed early. They taught me how to give myself a shot which I did today and tommorrow I give myself a second round of steroid at home. This should be all for now. I was a big chicken about giving myself the shot and it was such a melodramatic preformance, I swear if the situation weren't so tense and upsetting I would have laughed at myself. Of course, as soon as I did it, I was so relieved I said " oh that was so easy" after the big fit I threw.( okay and if you know me well, you have seen me act SO tough but know I can be the BIGGEST BABY) Everyone in the room did laugh at this. Right now my Aunt is staying over an extra day for moral support and Cliff and I are sorting things out and making plans.We are VERY scared but know this is in the hands of God. Thanks for your continued prayers and support!

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