Saturday, July 03, 2010

Happy Heavenly Birthday Faith

First breaths
A visit with Mommy
Hi little one,

Its your mommy here. Today is your 3rd birthday. We are remembering you here by lighting sparklers at dusk and having a little cake. As I have wondered the last two years, I wonder this year what your birthday party will be like in heaven. What does a three year old do in heaven for her birthday? Are there balloons and streamers and cake and games? I try to imagine what we would be doing here if you were with us on earth. I imagine your red hair would be long and curly by now, down to the middle of your back. Would you let me fix it in pretty ponytails and bows? or would you be like your sister and pull everything out? Would you have dainty narrow feet like your brother and sister or would you break the Carlson trend and have chubby toddler toes? What does your laugh sound like? Your brothers is a winding giggle and your sisters is a witch's cackle...
What is your favorite color there in heaven? Now that you have seen every color that God has created I bet you have quite a few? I imagine that perhaps you would like purple, a strong contrast to your strawberry hair. Sometimes I picture you in white and purple with ribbons tying back your curls.
I wonder what a three year old in heaven has her room decorated like? Do you change it every year?
Do you see the bubbles and balloons that your cousins release to heaven for you?
Do you hear the prayers that your brother says for you every night?
Do you hear your name when I whisper it on my lips?
Do you know each and every time I think of you each day?
I don't know what your life is like in heaven. I don't know what your life would have been like here on earth. I try to imagine both and it is a beautiful vision behind my closed eyes as I drift off to sleep. I DO know what life is like here without you in it and some days it is so very hard. But I also know just how much I love you and how happy I am that God let me have you to touch and cuddle and talk to for 9 days.
Happy Birthday dearest beautiful girl.
I love you Faith.

Always Yours,

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