Saturday, August 14, 2010

I am not Chicken Little

I am not Chicken Little...... Or am I? Certainly there have been times in my life when I have FELT just like him. I have never run around screaming " The Sky is falling! The Sky is falling!" but internally I have felt the turmoil and depression that comes from fear and anxiety that the worst will happen. God reminded me of this recently through a series of what I thought were unfortunate events but what I have decided in hind sight were strategic lessons from God. In my despair and inner turmoil, God has used scripture and key people to reveal to me something that I never recognized in myself and didn't even know was a hindrance in my walk with him and my relationships on earth.
In a tense moment I have always assumed the worst- THE SKY IS FALLING! But the truth is that I really just got hit on the head with an acorn. A minor bump, easily overcome. I am not a victim of my circumstances and do not need others to feel sorry for me and the lot I have been cast- so I have to quit telling myself that!!!
I was bought with a price, God created me, fearfully and wonderfully I have been made, God has great plans for me, a future full of prosperity, He makes my steps firm, therefore I will not stumble. Do you believe it about yourself? Or do you still think your sky falling?

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