Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fill Me Up

This weekend, my dear friend Emily invited me to attend a Women's Conference at her church. Really I should say coerced. She was persistent in gaining my commitment to attend over the last three months- and I have to tell you I am SO thankful that she was.
It lasted for 3 days, although I only attended Friday and Saturday. I am so glad I was able to attend!
God absolutely filled up my heart. It is funny how life can feel so upside down, and in a moment, God can flip your world right side up. TO the heart that has no hope, God can fill it up with HOPE and love. In these last several months that have felt so dark and alone, God has shed light into my heart to remind me of his Love for me, of His plans for me, of the way I have been redeemed.
I was surprised this weekend to see how many of the lies of the devil that I have bought into and believed. Christ died on the cross, and sacrificed his life to REDEEM my life- of course he wants good things for me! Of course God wants me to be secure and confident- and blessed! God loves me, and He has more than one plan or dream for me. He has a lifetime of plans for me.
And if you are out there doubting that today, I just want to tell you- GOD LOVES YOU TOO. God created you. What God says, his word, its all true. The hurts of this life, the distractions, the disappointments, that is not God robbing us. that is the devil robbing us- but God can use those things for good- He can use those moments to pour love and peace into our hearts.
The bible tells us not to give the devil a foothold. But give God one. Let God have a foothold in your life, just open the door a crack and let Him get a foot in the door and show you how much you are loved.

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