Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Dear Faith,
What a day! Everything seemed so topsy turvy and it felt like I couldnt quite get anything right. In my angst( another word I have borrowed from your dear Aunt Fawn) I thought of the moment of your birth. I remember so clearly the feelings of fear and hope that I would get to meet you. As the days drew closer to your birth, I knew that each day that passed brought another chance that I would not meet you. The odds were great that you would die in utero, and as time stretched on the odds were stacking against you. I tried and tried to brace myself for your arrival. Tried not to get my hopes up that I would hear you cry. This of course I have learned is an uncontrolable thing- hopes always go up :) But they do not always get let down. It took a few minutes after birth, but you were crying and breathing! Miracle of miracles! Baby Girl you lived for 9 days! Precious days that didnt last long enough! I am so thankful for you! What a gift the Lord has given me in you! I would not trade those days for anything except more days with you!I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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