Friday, September 05, 2008

Back in the groove

I am heading back to work on Monday and I am pretty nervous. I am also excited to be getting back to it... becuase I am happiest when I am busy and work keeps me very very busy.( not to mention all that social interaction!!!)
I am not quite the same person I was before I went out. I am now the mommy of three beautiful children and have once again got to practice some life skills that involve very little sleep, a crying person( a little one- but still crying!) and the fine art of communication. The practice of these life skills has given me a little bit more confidence when it comes to dealing with people( if i can learn to please and satisfy a baby that can't speak a word- imagine my newfound communication skills i can apply at work:) But also, there is another part of me that is not quite the same.I haven't seen most my co-workers in 11 1/2 weeks. The last time they saw me I was eight months preggo and exhausted! I cannot tell you what condition I was in when I went to work- including weither or not I was wearing contacts OR MAKEUP( oh the shame of it all! but seriously- at that time i did NOT care) I have lost all of my pregnancy weight( yippee!) but lets face it- I am not the skinny mini Barbie I once was- not even close.
So I took a deep breathe, winced as I pulled out the debit card and I went shopping! I got new clothes, new shoes, and made a last minute decision to get new hair. I wanted to go back to work and make a statement which is not "stay at home mom for the last 3 months- do these dress pants come in a stretchy cotton material like the sweat shorts i have on now? Will they go with flip flops?" but what I wanted to say is: " I am woman hear me rawr!" ( and not in a bra burning kind of way- but more of a" I am a professional and a hot mama!)
SO I did go a little more edgy with my hair- something that used to be typical of me back in my college days but not so much so in the last four years .....
I have decided I really like it- it looks FRESH!
Now if i could just get rid of the nervous jitters in my stomach and gain a calmness that matches my posh exterior... wink....

My new hair.........

And for those of you that are wondering just what two of the delights of my heart are up to... well here are a few photos taken this week.

here is Olivia on her daddy's lap

and Ethan trying to wear his dad's shoes.........


The Warren Family said...

YAY!!!! You have a blog! I LOVE your new hair, it's very chic!! And Olivia is such an incredibly beautiful baby!

Love ya!

fawn said...

I didn't even know you were posting here!! I am so glad. This all reminds me of Xanga, and I hope you continue to blog here.
I love the new hair. It is so you, and it is edgy. One think you certainly are, and that's a HOT MAMA! Rawr indeed.
Love you, best sister!

Nimkee's Mum said...

Hi there Mickey! Love the new hair! You're right---FRESH! Every now and then I do it too. I'm thinking I deserve a more vibrant red right receive my academy award with!

I love those pics of the kids. I wish I'd had a camera around more often to capture the crazy antics of my boys, but am in the process of starting a blog to track all their pics and funny sayings.

Keep on writing---and I'll try to practice what I preach :O)

Love Mxxoo