Sunday, April 09, 2006

Baby Love

So I just went to check on my sweet sleeping babe- he is of course sprawled out with his legs poking out the slats- i moved them and he did wake up but he didnt get scared-mostly just seemed mad that i woke him.He usually curls up with his stuffed frog and his spidey blanket( okay so right now the blanket he is most attached to is leapard print- YES I SAID LEAPARD print)I just am so in love with that boy and I love being a mommy more and more everyday. And I am more in love with Cliff than ever for giving him to me and for just being an awesome dad. I am sooo blessed.Ethan is very much into dirt and Finding Nemo, he loves to play ball, and he loves to play pretend( right now the pretend thing is to make the little stuffed animals or bath animals make noises and jump around) He also loves to play follow the leader . Being a mommy has changed my life for the better in SO many ways!!!!!!!Thank you Lord for this beautiful family!!!!!!!!!

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