Monday, September 25, 2006

Here We Are

So we are here! We moved into the new homestead this weekend and had Ethans #2 birthday party! IT was a blast. Ethan started his new daycare this week( He is going to Aunt Serenes house!) and Cliff also started his new job!
God is blessing us! He opened up the door for us with opportunities. I really prayed that God would lead us down a path that would bring us opportunity to grow closer to Him and as a family unite even more. How swiftly God opened this door for us! Cliff and I made a commitment that once we moved we would find a place to serve and worship Him. Now is the time to truly turn over all that we have to Him and sometimes its not easy to let go..Help hold us accountable to our commitment! Thanks for all your prayers and support. Call us or come visit anytime you are near!

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