Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Learning is in the Wobble

Not too long ago I recieved some very insightful advice at work. It has been following me around for the last several weeks and has become a new inspiration in my life to grow and learn and to be a little more fearless.
I was told that sometimes we wobble when we walk and that the learning is really in the wobble more than the walk. How crazy is that?!?!? And how true!
I spend each and every day walking and doing and going, going, going... but it is the moments that I take new steps, and usually wobble, that I learn the most.

I look around me at my children and watch them 'wobble' as they are learning about life almost everyday. And the great thing about children is that they don't let the 'wobbly' bits hold them back. They keep going and keep trying and eventually learn something new and productive that makes life easier. In fact... they wobble at full force! Their dings and bruises and scrapes from all that wobbling might make my mama's heart beat extra fast, but those dings and bruises and scrapes are teaching them important things!

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