Sunday, April 19, 2009

Down in my bones

It was a feeling that had been coming on for weeks. An achy unsettling down deep in my bones. Like a tornado on the horizon or piles and piles of rain and wind approaching- I could feel that ache so deep that it made me feel off kilter.
I asked her if she was really leaving. She asked me what made me think it was so? I told her I got that feeling and that feeling was never wrong. She sighed and said " I think you are right, Mic."
Fastforward 2 weeks. The day is yet approaching. Only signs on the horizon but no storm yet in sight. I still feel it in my bones.... its more unsettling now than before, like an electric chill running up my spine it leaves me chilled.
She contacts me and says she is headed out of town. She is worried becuase she recieved a message from her grandma and her grandma had planned to come for a visit. She is sad because her grandma hasn't visited in years and Neemaw's voice sounded vulnerable on the phone.
I told her that Neemaw could feel it too......... The woman who had raised her wrapped up in her arms filled with love and wisdom, sweat and tears knew the storm was acomin'.
If Neemaw and I both feel it, does that make it true?

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