Tuesday, December 23, 2008

and so..........

and so........ it has been quite awhile since I have written. My sincerest apologies to my loyal blog followers. Thank you for your patience with me.
I have no witty or creative postings for today, just a few lines to ensure that you know I am still here and ticking and living and dreaming and believing.
Life is a bit hectic-just the way I like it I suppose. I long for moments to stop and breathe and then when I get them i think I could pull my hair out from the monotony.
We are on the cusp of christmas- which has become something different to me in the last two holiday seasons. It has become deeper- more impactful - more somber.
Not in a negative or less thankful way- just different from the uptempo and exuberant Holiday I grew up with. Of course it is my own experiences in the last few years that shade the holiday for me- but I am thankful that God can use those moments in my life to teach me more of Him.
It was shared with me recently that Christs birth came at such a time of adversity...... born in a manger, at a time when all infant males were being killed, born amongst manure and dirt, along side the animals of the stable....... Christ was born in adversity.......
I think of my own life........ how God uses the adversity, the manure, the dirt, to mold and shape me...... how he delivers Life into me in the times that I am down and out........... what an amazing God that he can shape and mold us and make our lives blessed- even in the dirt.

And so that is where my thoughts are at these days......

Ethan is excited for Christmas to come and has been counting down the days. His joy in the season has brought me joy.


Fawn said...

Glad to see you updated. I've missed your blogs. I love you and hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas. You're in my heart, as always.

The Warren Family said...

I got your card and letter!! You guys are beautiful!!!!!! And thank you :)

I didn't get any cards out this year. Things have just been way to crazy to have time to sit down and get that done.

But thanks so much for remembering me!