Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Just an update on baby Faith. She has been kicking away and very active. I am enjoying all those little kicks and moments with her. My health has still been good. I am not experiencing as many issues with my sciatic nerves(yay) and feeling pretty good. We had another ultrasound and echocardiogram about a week ago. Thus far, they havent found anything wrong with Faith's heart.. This is significant as 80% of trisomy 13 babies have heart conditions or complications. They will continue to monitor it as she grows as well as after her birth. All of her other signs have been good except that the omphalocele is now 13 cm in diameter. 5 cm is considered giant so I have no idea what 13 cm would be called.
We did see on the ultrasound that Faith is already practicing her breathing to prepare for being out of the womb. So all in all, a good visit. We were reminded again of the Doctors earlier prognosis. That her condition is not compatible with life.I failed my first glucose screening and had a second longer glucose screening yesterday which I think I also failed( will find out next week) I guess I may be going on a restricted diet and exercise to control my blood sugar( but eating healthy is not a bad thing right?) We are fighting to stay hopeful and just trying to enjoy each moment we have with Faith. Some days are really hard for us but all in all we are doing good and pushing forward. I remind myself all the time that Faith was created by God before I even knew she was there. He formed her body completely, her heart and her mind. For the length of times that I have her, what a blessing! We have been entrusted as her parents to love and care for her everyday and we are going to do the best we can!

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